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This website lists the transcriptions of the burials that the Arcade Rural Cemetery Association has in its record books dating back to the first burial in 1851. I have transcribed all the information exactly as it appears in our records (with its misspellings and other notations). A question mark (?) indicates information that is illegible in our records. I am confident that many of you, genealogists in particular, will find these transcriptions valuable and interesting; several of the early records contain information not available elsewhere.

Because of privacy laws, we are not able to publish the cause of death. However, the “cause of death” can be requested only for genealogical purposes by printing and sending us the Burial Record Application Form (Cause of Death) with a check payable to Arcade Rural Cemetery Association in the amount of $5.00 for each record. If a burial record contains an asterisk next to the “cause of death” notation, then information is available; if there is no asterisk, then no information was provided in our burial records.

Suzanne Knowlton, Trustee
Arcade Rural Cemetery Association

-> Click here to download and print the Burial Record Application Form.

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Mark Saladyga, Trustee

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